Let the Fire Fall

It all began on a Sunday in 1992. It was not just any Sunday. This was a Sunday when an encounter with God would radically change the life of a couple from Tennessee. What they thought was a vacation in Puerto Rico turned out to be more than they expected. The encounter, so dramatic, affected their relationship with God, each other, and everyone else they came in contact with. It was the day the fire fell.

In this dynamic book, you will find yourself in pursuit of the keys, which open the door to personal revival. You will discover God's process for keeping the revival fires burning. There is hope for every believer who has moved away from God. You will discover you can return. God can use you again.

God wants to rain down fire from heaven. A sin purging, life purifying, spirit-induced fire. The kind of fire that burns away a shallow spirit of religion permeating many areas of today's churches. This book will ignite a spark in you for an unprecedented movement of God in your life. Fasten your seat belts, the fire is about to fall!

--Steve Harbin

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