Lessons from the Crawl Space: How to find hope in life's dark places

“The crawl space was dank and damp. It smelled of earth yet filled me with a peace that is hard to explain… My refuge, my comfort in times of trouble, Jesus met me there in that little underground room.”

Life is hard, and sometimes dark, but no matter what circumstances come at you, you are never alone. Lessons from the Crawl Space is a personal devotional that takes you on a journey to find who God is making you to be. This devotional is designed to be done either alone or as a group study. I pray this book is life changing to all who open its pages. As you delve into the pages of this book, I want to encourage you to trust the Lord to bring you to a new place. I pray you will learn and grow from the Lessons from the Crawl Space.

--Amy Johnson

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