Leaving the Shadowland of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

We all experience two types of stress: (1) the stress we seek and (2) the stress that seeks us. We bring the first type on ourselves through poor lifestyle choices or poor thinking habits. The second type comes to us through life circumstances: accidents, abuse, and trauma.

The first type is more common and contributes to chronic stress. The second type, though less common, can hit much harder. Both are dangerous because both are capable of throwing us into an emotional shadowland—a dark place filled with fear, deep sadness, and despair. The emotional aftershocks of stress can include:

• depression,

• anxiety,

• post-traumatic stress disorder,

• substance abuse, and

• self-harm.

Written by a neuroscientist (and trauma survivor), this book explains exactly how stress leads to mind-brain disorders like depression and anxiety. Using up-to-date clinical research and biblical principles, it then describes the best ways to leave the shadowland.

--Pamela Coburn-Litvak, Ph.D.

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