Learn To Live: Toughen Up: Jesus is a Tough Guy

The title, Learn to Live: Toughen Up along with the subtitle, Jesus is a Tough Guy, is meant to draw attention to the importance of learning the Bible and making proper application to Christian living. The purpose of this book is to help people make the connection between the Bible and personal problem solving. I believe the Bible has the answer or solution to every problem. The most difficult part of problem solving is figuring out how to find the solution and make the application.

We have become familiar with Donald Trump's phrase, “Make America Great Again.” Adaptations of the phrase have popped up everywhere. I think the church should adopt the phrase, “Make the Bible Great Again.” It's time to close the gap between problem solving and biblical understanding. God is the “Answer Man.” The Bible is the “Answer Book.” Jesus is the “world's greatest teacher.” Therefore, we should become great learners. That's how we “Learn to Live.”

This book is an analysis of how Jesus dealt with his problems. He is our prime example for problem solving, behavior and attitude. Jesus was loving, kind, and compassionate; but he also was very tough. Every great person in the Bible was a tough guy, and every great woman was a tough gal. We just need to take our Bible and Learn to Live: Toughen Up. I want to follow a tough leader. Jesus was a Tough Guy.

--William D. Reid

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