Learn To Live 4: Living and Dying: What Can You Do About Stress? What Happens When You Die?

We need to get back to simple basics. I borrowed Donald Trump's campaign slogan and rephrased it to emphasize the exciting idea, Make the Bible Great Again.

The Bible expresses the solutions to every problem facing people today. If we teach the application of the biblical principles of faith, healing, trust, confidence, and optimism, we will experience positive and verifiable results. We all must learn how to live and successfully overcome the challenges of stress. The Bible is very clear on how to do that. Not only do we have to learn how to live, we have to learn how to die. It's all part of everyone's life cycle.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “The Bible is not theoretical. It is our greatest book of wisdom. More copies are sold than any other book. That is because in this book we discover not only what is wrong with us but how to correct it as well.”

Application of biblical principles is the purpose of this book.

--William D. Reid

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