Lamb Food

In the Gospel of John, Jesus three times admonishes Peter to “feed my sheep.” Theologians suspect the three repeats harken back to Peter's three denials. I think it simply underscores how important it is to build and nourish the worldly flock. All Christian leaders must nourish and grow their respective flocks. However, when facing a group of youth of various ages, this can be daunting. How do you keep their attention? Particularly for modern social media–addicted youth who are so easily BORED. Our solution has been to look for a hook to gain and keep their attention. In that spirit, this book collected the ideas that worked for us. Also, when planning a Sunday school program, you will occasionally need to inspire, encourage, and support other adult leaders. This book is a collection of those stories, along with youth activities and games. While we did use scripture and Bible stories in our programs, the focus of our approach was to draw on examples from nature and popular culture that point to God. Then once you can grab their attention, together you can lead them to a deeper understanding of Scripture while they open new insights to you.

--Kevin Crosthwaite

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