Knowing Why They Lied; Apologetics for Dummies

The book's title Knowing Why They Lied; Apologetics for Dummies is intended to convey that the average churchgoing Christian might benefit by a handy evangelism tool that anyone, Christian or non, can evaluate, share, or use. Hence the “for Dummies” application, not suggesting that anyone is dumb, but that many are handicapped in their ability to define or answer false criticisms, even sometimes believing falsehoods to be true. Ignorance is never dumb but is always correctable. The “WHY” aspect concerns the fact that sincere people, sometimes especially within our schools, are not aware of the false doctrines often delivered as fact. Being sincere, yet mistaken, is not being truthful. Not being truthful is in fact lying. Through no fault of their own, many are even now speaking erroneously in classes to our children. This author believes that this can lead to bad behaviors even as deep as suicide and school shootings. Hopefully, we can turn such behaviors around, by addressing issues in more accurate ways, and by using more honest information in our school systems.

--John Burman

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