Knowing God A-Z

Life is not always perfect, even when you walk the journey of being called into the ministry. In fact, sometimes you might lose your way. In trying to please the world and all who walk in my world daily, I lost who Ruby was. It was difficult for quite some time to even want to allow God in. That's sort of crazy, because I knew that He not only called me His daughter, but He knows my every day journey.

The smiles were false, and it was beginning to be hard to pretend. Then one morning, as I sat in my bath and attempted to read my devotionals, God came to speak healing over me. I sat in a tub for an hour, allowing God to reach me as he spoke a love language over me. He only asked me to listen. He kept this conversation simple as He made His way through the alphabet, explaining His love for me.

As I stepped from my bath, I knew that God had wrapped His arms around me in such a way that joy would return to my days. I've known God all my life, but in October 2018, God came and spoke His love in such a way that healing began for me. This day in my ministry began new life for me. This day was the day that I began knowing God and His love for me in a new way.

--Ruby Moultrie

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