Kingdom Road - Volume 1

In the year AD 1492, North American was already a populated wilderness, abundant in natural resources sought by foreign conquerors. They were known as explorers. Wealthy societies were already developed by educated Indian tribes with knowledge of navigation, weather patterns, and astronomical cycles.

One of the most exciting explorers (Christopher Columbus) was a man that attributed his motivation to God and wrote about it in the Book of Prophecy. Secular historians distorted or deleted many of the astonishing insights disclosed in his journals. Kingdom Road Volume 1 unlocks the mystery of ancient maps used by Christopher Columbus to reach the shores of North America. His journey may have been an effort to rediscover long lost treasures collected by King Solomon.

Spreading the kernels of rebellion, Christopher Columbus and a small band of travelers known as Conquistadors triggered an all-out rebellion that erupts across the world and the continent of North America. During the search for treasures, this book reveals an untold story of wars that raged across the continents, between indigenous tribes and an ancient race of beings called “giants” or “Nephilim.”

--Michael Walker

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