Kareezes and Historic Structures in Persia

This book explores the ancient Persian's knowledge on hydrologic cycle. They knew that rain and snow are the source of rivers, springs and ground water centuries before the Europeans. The book also presents a historical review and method of construction of kareezes (qanats) which are not only far more wonderous and genius works of ancient man, but they are also the most beneficial to human welfare than them all. Through kareezes Persians turned deserts into fertile land and created centers of civilization, something which is referred to as Kareez Civilization. The book also includes descriptions and photographs of historic structures, such as canals, dams, weirs, water dividers and bridges, some of which are still operational after hundreds of years. Also presented in the book are the most renowned Persian scholars of the late ninth through twelfth centuries, namely the Persian Golden Era which has been inappropriately known as the Islamic Golden Era.

This book neither contains any equations nor does it have any involved technical matter. It is intended to be informative and easy reading. The book can be enjoyed by people of various walks of life in the United States and abroad and is expected to attract a large audience. A special market would be a second generation of Iranian-Americans, a tiny fraction of whom amount to tens of thousands of individuals.

--Hormoz Pazwash, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE

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