Joy: Recognizing Joy within Every Chapter of Life

Discovering the one true source of everlasting joy upon salvation, it becomes one's choice to realize and recognize the blessing of this joy scripted throughout each chapter of one's life. This book is a personal journey of recognizing that joy within every chapter of life. In an intimate glimpse within the very pages of each chapter, Missy shares the details of her victorious ongoing journey—a journey filled with immeasurable blessings, pages of heartache and pain, chapters of triumph and failure, undeserving grace and mercy, beautiful love and redemption, and a victorious ending of eternal joy. As she navigates through the pages of her driven quest for perfection and success, Missy recognizes the joy that her Savior has enveloped upon each chapter. Using people, experiences, and love to pen the most beautiful letter, her Savior revealed to her the simple truth of genuine joy. With the turn of each page, she not only discovers but also recognizes that genuine joy is intertwined within every chapter. A joy that is planned and scripted beautifully by her Savior, Jesus Christ.

--Missy Brewer Carruth

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