Journey into Love: One Man's Global Journey of Faith

Born and raised in the Midwest to a low-income family, Martin was raised in a racially diverse culture in the unforgiving and yet unbreakable town of Flint, Michigan. Having never met his biological father and having been adopted at a young age, Martin grew up in a religious family that often failed to practice what they heard preached on Sunday.

Journey into Love chronicles Martin's journey through adolescence, marrying, having children at a young age, and the lessons learned throughout his life. Along the way, Martin experienced many teaching moments that, while not evident to him at the time, formed him and fermented in his subconscious as he continued to make choices, some wise and some poor, based upon his need for immediate gratification.

Though unique in his specific experiences and the depth to which he took his studies to learn and grow, many of the challenges that Martin struggled with and describes in this book are common to many individuals, men and women, in today's society. As a Benedictine oblate, Martin developed close relationships with many priests, monks, nuns, and spiritual directors of different faiths. These relationships and the wisdom gained from these mentors and spiritual guides are woven into both sobering and humorous anecdotes throughout this book.

In addition, Martin shares his experiences leaving the corporate world to pursue a path of service to others and personal exploration. The steps he took to divest himself of the material possessions he had acquired and begin this monumental shift in lifestyle is chronicled in detail for those also considering this path.

--Martin Rymarz

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