Journal From Iraq: A Nurse's Story

In the summer of 1960, a ten-year-old girl was playing with her sister in the living room of their Midwestern family home. That was not so unusual. What was unusual was the image on the black-and-white television screen that caught her eye. It caused her to stop dead in her tracks. It was just a commercial, but she didn't want to miss a second of it! It was telling a story! Little did she know at the time, in many ways, it was telling her story.

What she saw was the ship called SS Hope, a floating hospital ship. It traveled the globe with doctors and nurses to far-reaching destinations. Their mission was to give medical care to people where few others like to go. From that moment on, that little girl knew her destiny. God had a plan for her.

She became a nurse, she joined the army reserve, and deployed to Saudi Arabia in Desert Storm, Kosovo, and Iraq. She went where few wanted to go; she saw what few wanted to see. Her passion was to take care of our nation's wounded heroes. Go with her as she journals her way through the frustrations, demands, failures, and successes in a combat support hospital to a war zone during Iraqi Freedom.

Wisconsin nurse deployed to Iraq in 2006 with the 399th Combat Support Hospital.

--Deenie Laskey

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