JOE is the story of a magnificent horse, born in a meadow - a story of self-discovery and courage as this gentle horse opens his heart to the strength of Spirit, manifested in a small pigeon named Midge.

As Joe sets impossible goals, he learns of his real purpose in life and the gifts he does have through this little bird's friendship. Midge changes his life forever, showing Joe how to “BE WHO YOU ARE”.

JOE explores the role of nature in our technical culture revealing how we are all related to the universal circle of life. Joe learns that nature and animals contribute a great gift to the universe.

These messages will be read to children for many years.

“From a stable beam, a small pigeon has been watching Joe. Quiet as a kiss, the small grey bird gleamed green in the moonlight. ‘I'm Midge,' she whispered as she flew down and perched on Joe's stall. A fine shower of gold dust floated down with her.”

--Joan Lake

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