Jesus Short Stories

Jesus Short Stories is my own effort to shed light on Jesus's parables. As someone who is a regular churchgoer and has spent countless hours studying the Bible, particularly the words of Jesus, it has always perplexed me that seldom do you ever find anyone trying to uncover the hidden meaning behind Jesus's parables. If you spend time reading the gospels, that is exactly what happened in Jesus's time as well. A few years ago, I began seeing Jesus's parables in a new light.

First and foremost, these Jesus Short Stories are Christian fiction. I want to stress that they are indeed fiction. However, they are presented in a way that will help the reader to also gain insight on the hidden nature of Jesus's parables. Throughout this book, there is one rule that I have regarding the words of Jesus...under no circumstances ever, do I put words in the mouth of Jesus. But that said, I have found clever ways of shedding light on the hidden mysteries.

On a side note, the very first short story is my sincerest effort to reconstruct the lost gospel.

--Jay Santiago

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