Jason's November

In this short life, we all need someone to save. The story written on these pages cannot be untold. Once you have a glimpse of someone's life, it becomes a part of you, for the rest of yours.

As long as Jason can remember, he's had terrible dreams. There is so much about his young life that he can't seem to remember. At times, his life is like a dream where he's not fully awake or fully asleep either.

He decided to become a doctor and has been studying medicine and clinical trials in search for the cure for cancer. He's been on the bedside of too many loved ones taking their last breaths fighting this terrible illness. He has taken it upon himself to be the one who discovers the cure or die trying. As he closes in on the cure, his young family could be in jeopardy of the very same illness.

As you follow his broken memories and terrible dreams, the journey his life takes could be a sad one. You can't unread his story. Each and every child that we lose to abortion leaves a mother and a world that will always remain incomplete. How valuable is life to you?

--Jason Goodwin

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