Jane Grace: Library of Light

The Watchers, the prophecy of the Chosen, and the city of New Atlantis all seem like fairytales that are too good to be true for a survivor named Jane Grace. Living in one of only six cities that survived her world's most devastating war, the survivors of Rubelle wait for the Chosen, the last descendant of ancient families who wears a magical golden necklace to save them from the fallout they've endured for over three years and rebuild the world they have lost. It's only when Jane is chosen by the World Council to visit the most magnificent city ever built within a megalithic pyramid made of colorful, iridescent glass that she starts to believe that the Chosen is real.

Jane meets the man who created the world's most magnificent city named David Trimere. She experiences the miraculous capabilities of his advanced nanotechnology found within the Library of Light, Four Corner's Park, and glass watches that allow their wearer to communicate with a tall, holographic blue man named Richard. Returning to the city of Rubelle with restored hope in her future, Jane embarks on a journey into the countryside with her best friend, Lander Nostraten, which quickly turns into a suspense-filled adventure packed with humor, affection, and riveting action.

When Jane meets a young man who wears a golden necklace with mysterious powers, she learns that not everything about David Trimere is as it seems. She realizes the battle for the Chosen has only just begun. Little does Jane know, she might be the one they've all been waiting for.

--Trace Sonnleitner

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