It's Baby's First Christmas

Note: This dedication was written by the author and is her prayer for grandparents and grandchildren.

I dedicate this poem to my granddaughter who observed her first Christmas at the age of two months, twenty-one days in 1961. As God has given the talent for writing, he also gave the gift for inspiration. A baby's sweet innocence is a precious reminder of another baby's first Christmas--the greatest birth ever to be recorded in history. My dear little baby, as you grow older, may your thinking never be distracted from the true meaning of Christmas. May the great gift of God's love be the reason for remembering always, that it is more blessed to give than to receive. May the light of his star have a divine attraction for you; then, you will never walk alone in darkness. Keep faith, my child, when you are confronted with obstacles and encounter life's problems, for with faith, hope, and trust, your life will become enriched with love for God, love for fellowman, and peace, happiness, and contentment will most surely abide with you. That is the sincere wish and ardent prayer of your devoted grandparent.

--Leona V. Adams *Edited by Mary Garretson

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