It's All About Caring: My 50+ Years Caring for Others

A retired RN tells her stories of her experiences in her professional life. But being a nurse is only one side of Barbara. Her husband was licensed electrician (retired), and he worked for a company that did electrical work, but in 1976, he was fired due to company cutbacks. As it happened, that same Friday was Barbara's last day to work at her first hospital she worked at in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. So for an entire weekend, they were jobless!

The following Monday, Barbara started her new position as a relief supervisor. Royce called a company that was installing telephone equipment that was installing telephones. He had met one of the employees on the job they were working on who said that they had positions available. So he went and applied and was hired immediately.

He worked at the job for ten years, and when he left there, he opened his own telecommunications company. He wanted to test the waters, so he worked out the house and Barbara did his accounts payable/receivable for several years. She continued doing the payroll and paid bills while a secretary did the billing.

Then in 1984, his son returned from his mother's home in Big Spring with a cockatiel and with dreams of raising birds for showing. This became a hobby for Royce with the children helping with the care of the birds since Barbara was still working and was busy with the company. When the children grew up and moved out of the house, Barbara had to fill in with the bird care. Now the two of them have many awards and have become advanced breeders in a national society, and Royce has become a judge in that society.

--Barbara Irwin

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