It's a Wonderful Life: When God Is Your Anchor, Jesus Is Your Lighthouse, and the Holy Spirit Your Comforter and Guide

As I look back on the tragedy of a family of seven being torn apart with both parents gone within a year of each other, it is almost unbelievable.

As time passed and I turned fifteen, a lot of changes were taking place in my life. When I was given an opportunity to get out of the situation I was in, I felt that anything that can be better than this, so I did what would cause me to make a change. Sometimes, that does not work out for the best, but in my case, it brought a week of miracles to me. As I look back, I know that God had heard my sighs for love for family and desire to be a good person. I was not even looking for a boyfriend, but God gave me a husband-to-be, who made a promise to find my siblings. As you read, you will find that, four years later, that promise was fulfilled.

--Connie Frye

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