ISCALON: Dragon’s Siege

An ancient prophecy is coming to pass on the world of Iscalon.

The Spectral Gems of Luminary Primus are stolen and cast into places of darkness to prevent the Equinox from arriving. The souls of the world will now return to the planet to be used as wraths for the forces of evil.

Nazar sets up his diabolical plan of world domination and prepares the way for his master, the Lord of Darkness, to come.

Tamon, the Son of Light, comes to Iscalon to thwart those plans and set the world right. His mission: To recover the gems and return each one to their rightful places in the giant pyramid. However, in order for this to be achieved, he must solicit help from a small band of misfits and warriors.

A Dawnyelf, a dwarf, a would-be wizard, a warrior princess, along with two devout knights of Hyrkaria join Tamon in his quest to recover the gems before evil has a chance to take their world from them.

Evil be warned…

The White Dragon comes!

--Ken Cooper

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