Is God Real?


In the first section of the book, Alvin shares two times in his life when God came in very convincing ways. He made him study like he hasn't in a very long time. Then put him through testing like never before. The devil even had a hand in things, a time or two.

Alvin is a real stickler about letting the Bible speak for itself that is why he used so many scriptures. Alvin never wanted to replace the need of the Bible. He would like to have this book be support to people trying to find Bible scriptures and can't find them. He has heard numerous times, ā€œI know it is in here, I just can't find it,ā€ or ā€œI really wish I could read this.ā€

Alvin has tried to cater to as many people as he could. We are only able to do as much as we can. He hopes and prays this will help someone somewhere.

--Alvin Isbell A.L.I.

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