INNER SUCCESS: A Conversation with Myself about My Inner Self

Inner Success is a small, smart book that leads readers to get more in touch with the workings of their inner self. Even more than that, it provides a blueprint for making those inner mechanisms work more smoothly. As each of us has an inner self, and often wrestles with that inner self, the subject matter of this book should be personally significant to anyone who happens to pick it up. Inner Success is not a heady, scholarly tome, but rather, is simply written to create a larger self-awareness and self-satisfaction in people who may have thought very little about how they function internally.

To say that Inner Success is introspective would be an understatement. It looks completely inward. It is an easy, conversational tete-a-tete that leads readers to identify and sort out many of their own internal workings. It helps to locate the thing called inner self and then identifies processes that are constantly at work in that private world: perceiving, evaluating, emotionally reacting, and many more.

As we identify in the book, inner self is a very individual thing. Because of this we believe that every reader will come away with something different. But each, in their own way, will develop a more intimate understanding of their inner self and what's going on when they are alone behind that curtain.

The ultimate goal of the book is to help the reader define what success can feel like, and then give the reader some tools to better achieve a larger Inner Success of their own.

--C. David Nelson

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