In "The Spirit of Truth" The Beginnings: In the light of the Holy Bible and Holy Qur'an

Do you believe Adam was really the first man on earth? Do you believe black

people were left out of the Bible? When reading the Bible, have you ever thought

there could be hidden meanings within the verses that the KJV missed or

intentionally left out? After reading In the Spirit of Truth, the Beginnings, you

will discover that Adam was not the first man on earth! What a surprise! You

will also discover that the Book of Genesis is mainly about black people, the

original people and “Gods” of the earth! You will find out who “Yacub” is and

how he captured the 59,999 subjects who will form the European civilization

on one of the islands he captured from the Canaanites. You will also find out

what happened to the great black nation of antiquity that occurred thousands

of years ago. In the Spirit of Truth, the Beginnings is a full translation of the Book

of Genesis, verse by verse of “key words,” chapter by chapter. In the Spirit of

Truth is designed for English readers and speakers in search of the real and true

meanings of God's written words, and you will also find that God did not leave

out anything or any people in the annals of human history. In the Spirit of Truth,

the Beginnings, gives full and broad definitions of “key” Hebrew words that

clarify many of the misconceptions that have lead to serious religious differences

and racial problems in the world that have been based upon the mistranslations

contained in the King James Version. For instance, did Abraham have two

sons or just one as KJV Genesis 22:2 suggests? While reading In the Spirit of

Truth, you, the reader, are given the opportunity to truly understand what God

intended for posterity based on these “additional” Semitic meanings of the “key

words,” the translated words that give broader and fuller meanings that the KJV

has failed to do when it narrowly translated these “key words,” presumptively, to

divert the seeker of truth and throw him or her o_ the track for reasons other

than to communicate what God had written or had caused to be written. In

short, In the Spirit of Truth, the Beginnings, renders truer and more precise, and

also enhanced meanings, of the Biblical verses than those contained in the KJV.

Be warned and prepared to have your mind opened, expanded, and exposed to

the real truth of the Holy Bible. This is what you will receive, and more, from

reading In the Spirit of Truth, the Beginnings.

--Romaner J. Strong Jr. (Ahad Aziz Qawiy)

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