In the Dawn Of Enlightenment : God, the Consciousness that is, All There Is

This book has reached into the heart of Divine Intelligence to give an exposition on the nature of reality and “who and what we are.”

Briefly; GOD, or “Isness,” is an attempt to explain an Unseen Real with the inherent power to manifest thought.

In our world of form, there is not only no Truth, objectively speaking, but no Real. One's life is composed of beliefs, a present moment, and memory. It is changing, impermanent, and not self-created, thus relative, even illusory.

We, humanity as a whole in form, are but One body comprised of “the many,” who are all created living beings that emerged from the One GOD.

In the wholeness of the One GOD there are no opposites to bridge; the duality in such is a construct of mind, and can be transcended by the truth.

Hence form and formlessness together are a ‘Consciousness' of The One GOD that is ‘All There Is.'


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