Imperium World

Come embark on an adventure with twin siblings, Joshua and Maranatha, at the Imperium World! The Imperium World is a new world where one can be loved and share that love with others by being a positive difference in the world while making the world a better place. Each Imperium Playhouse holds a different quest that must be conquered and an internal treasure that needs to be acquired by applying the biblical truths learned along the quest. With their Love Bangles assisting them on each quest, the key to the Treasure Balcony which overlooks the entire Imperium World, is unlocked where the secret message is revealed. Treasure gear and biblical truths on each quest provide love, wisdom, and guidance from Mr. Christensen directing Joshua and Maranatha down the path where they learn what it takes to have a heart filled with endearing internal treasures and obtain a life worth living for—the Imperium Life!

--Chauntele Hanns

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