I'm not a duck

Early in his life, John Walsh made a commitment that he would do whatever the Lord told him to do, even if he didn't understand why. This commitment provided a foundation for his life. He has followed God's direction from the heartland of America to a bustling market in Cambodia, from a bus in Jerusalem to a water taxi in Bangkok.

John doesn't seek God's direction in every decision he makes, but he has found that God steps in whenever he needs to change course. This book tells about a few times when God interfered with John's plans. This usually brought about a battle of wills between a man and the master of his destiny.

The stories of these struggles are written in a casual, authentic voice that invites you to pour a cup of coffee and join John on the front porch. He will touch your heart with his hard-earned insights and delight you with his adventures around the world.

--John Walsh

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