I'm Just Saying

The book I'm Just Saying, in my opinion, gives an example of the power of thought. Be it good or bad, every person that has lived and is living is a living example of our thoughts. A thought is nothing more than a thought until there is action taken on its behalf. How you process your thoughts can be changed in an instant. It all starts with you.

I'm Just Saying gives a simple breakdown of how easily the mind is manipulated by the ways of this world.

Although it is wise to be aware of the ways of this world, it doesn't mean you should allow yourself to become a victim of it. Many people have corrupted minds. You may be sitting next to one of those people now. That person may be you. If you are aware of certain situations and you know you should create a change for the better in you, why haven't you? It all starts with a thought.

Here's a different point of view. The Creator of the universe had a thought. He said, “Let there be light!” Light appeared, and it was good. From there, God had one thought after another for six days straight, creating the world we live in today. He had pure thoughts, spoke life into them, and they manifested. From the beginning of time, everything is manifested through a thought. I'm just saying.

--Nathan McCrary

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