If Our Stones Could Talk

Perhaps most of us don't think twice when we go to a

cemetery about who is there. We are likely there only

because a friend or loved one has passed away. But have

you ever thought about the connection between the grave

markers and who belongs to them? Lucy Campbell and her

siblings probably didn't either. It wasn't until one day when

they each received a letter in the mail did the mystery

begin. Lucy came to realize that indeed there were now

more questions needing answers to what happened that

tragic day. Would this newfound information question

her values? Her Faith? As much as she wrangled about it,

the fact remained. At the end of the day her mother was

still gone. And more importantly, when Lucy found out

the truth, could she forgive who she needed to forgive in

order to move on with her life.

--Sharon Christensen

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