Marine Major Dammit McGowin stared intently at photos taken from security cameras immediately after the bomb exploded inside Cinderella Children's Hospital.

He could hear the children screaming. He felt the concussion, smelled the burning flesh, understanding firsthand what they were going through.

Attractive Dr. Robin Goodrich missed the fairy-tale life she shared with the handsome tough guy returning from deployment. Her passion for Dammit exceeded only by her desire to treat underprivileged children needing medical care.

Fawaz Abu-Sabra, the ruthless terrorist leader, believed himself unbeatable until he encountered the hard-principled Dammit, a man equally without mercy for those willing to slaughter innocent children and their caregivers.

Terrorists seek refuge in Washington state's beautiful San Juan Islands. God only knows the depth of their sickness.

--Jerry Baggett

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