I, Witness: Your Life Before and After You Confess Christ

“What's really going on?” It's the question so many of us ask ourselves in this daily walk with God. I think Paul said it best in Romans 7:21, “Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me.” Paul was right then, and the Word remains right today. We all have a will to do right; it's what we were created to do. We are spirits living in a fleshly body. Our flesh just happens to have its own agenda. The war between our flesh and spirit is the custody battle to beat all custody battles.

I, Witness is going to explain the life we live as a true court case in the spirit realm. There is, in fact, a defined case, a prosecutor, an attorney, an advocate, a jury, and a judge. Similar to the natural court process, there are appeals, petitions, verdicts, and sentencing. All in hopes that when you finish this book, you have a better understanding of the life we are living, and why the things that happened happen. So get your Bible, highlighter, and pen. This is about to be a class in spiritual government. Court is now being called to order.

--Tamar Taylor

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