I Wish I Didn't

“I wish I didn't . . .” How often have we all said that same phrase? The pressures of everyday life can be difficult. Resistance against what we call the system can lead to rebellious behavior. Individuals in this state simply see it as “being myself,” “living my own life,” “making my own decisions.” The underlying factor is structure, which when absent can create chaos. The goal is to find balance between structure and creative freedom. I Wish I Didn't . . . is a story about a little boy named Adam who is trying to determine why he has to get out of bed and go to school or eat what he didn't want. His struggle for independence led him down the wrong path. Throughout his day, one bad decision led to another. Finally coming to his senses, he realizes that his parents loved him and only wanted the best for him. Once he realized his mistakes, it took great courage to admit that he was sorry and asked his parents for forgiveness. Unbeknownst to him, he had just taken the first responsible steps to freedom.

--Doris McNair

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