I Must Admit - Things Don't Fit I Must Admit

Evie is a fourteen-year-old girl who comes to the realization that she is extremely overweight following a number of events in her life that cause her to admit that she is unable to fit into the clothes she loved to wear. With the encouragement and support of her family, she begins to change her eating habits and is transformed from being extremely overweight and self-conscious to a normal-sized girl who blossoms into a confident and outgoing high school student.

As a result of her determination, change in diet, exercise, and hard work, Evie enters high school a new person with confidence and a greater positive self-image.

Introducing the Must Admit series:

Book One: I Must Admit - Things Don't Fit (Dealing with being overweight, one's self image, self-worth and self-esteem)

Book Two: I Must Admit - Being Different Doesn't Always Fit (Instruments of Love/ confronting and dealing with prejudice)

Book Three: I Must Admit - You Didn't Remember It (What do you say or do when a parent has dementia?)

Book Four: I Must Admit - You Left too Quick (I Miss You A lot/Dealing with the death of siblings)

--Patricia Niles-Randolph, Ed.D.

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