I Heard The Savior Say

No matter how saved we are or our level of faith, most of us fall short of God's Glory and at times struggle with life's trials and tribulations. Minister Bellamy learned at a tender age that the Christian journey does not exempt any of us from hardships in our life. Through a traumatic past, she learned how to lean and depend on God, how to sit and have life changing conversations with God that she once thought impossible. She struggled with the belief that God spoke to his people, but through her own encounter with God on top of the mountain at Agape Retreat Center, Minister Bellamy discovered that not only does God speak to his people, but he still speaks to us in miraculous ways, just as he spoke to Moses on Mount Horeb through the burning bush. In this book she reveals heart wrenching stories of her faith walk and compelling conversations with the Lord. Minister Bellamy's experiences will inspire, renew, strengthen and empower you to move beyond your circumstances to draw you nearer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

--Minister Sandra G. Bellamy

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