I Can See The Light

This book is about the redemptive power of the Word of God from the perspective of a former drug addict of crack cocaine. The book is a pictorial poem book with photos of my artwork. Some poems are related to a specific carving in the hope that the artwork will add texture to the poem. Some poems reflect my thoughts and feeling as an addict and interactions with family, friends, and other addicts. Others are based on post-addiction reflections on the general revelation of God and how I see things today.

Based on my life, I believe you cannot be free of a drug addiction without the belief in the healing power of the Word of God. You have to believe in someone or something greater than the drug. I have known people who went through rehab more than once. Soon after rehab, they were using again. Even if in truth, you profess a belief in Jesus Christ, that doesn't mean you'll automatically be free. Addiction recovery and freedom, requires commitment and strong faith. Where there is faith, there is hope.

The purpose of my book is to give hope to those afflicted. Rarely does drug addiction affect only the addict. It also affects family, friends, and finances. I never went to rehab, never went to jail. I escaped because of my commitment and strong faith. I chose to be free. I chose life through Jesus Christ.

--Calvin E. Macon

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