The book gives clear declaration of names and personalities of what-is-in-a-name-election, personalities God has purposefully chosen and transformed in status as a reflection of the amazing things He has established in their life and destiny.

Their standing may lead to a new name, a new beginning, or a new direction driven by the person's purposes in life; and it is important to look at these ties to discover what they teach us about our own life of faith today.

Their lives were ordinary, like we have today. They sinned, but God forgave them when they repented and lifted them up from the depth of the earth, illuminating them as stars not only to reign with God in this world but also in the world to come. Included in this category, however, are our modern-day Christians—believers who are born-again, visibly pointing to the title of this book: I Am Born to Reign.

Reader, if God forgave these people when they sinned and lifted them up from where they had fallen, God will forgive you of your own sins and lift you up as well, but you must repent when you sin.

--Alex Alexander (Formerly Alex Nwosu of Nigeria's Enugu Rangers International Football Club)

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