How to Improve Your Life by Applying Eternal Laws

Universal Laws are eternal. God's Laws are eternal. They are dependable and never change. They exist to help us improve, receive blessings, and help others do the same. What in your life would you like to improve? What are your habits or beliefs that are holding you back from progressing? By applying the appropriate law or laws to your life, you can become a better individual with greater opportunities for growth and fulfillment. You can have a more meaningful and memorable life. Laws are to help us change things inside ourselves that hold us back. By obeying eternal laws, we receive blessings that are assigned to that law. You will find these laws all through the scriptures, they show us the blessings or consequences of obedience to these laws. Study the laws that are explained in this book and see if they apply to you, and you will find that eternal laws are truly made for our happiness and progression.

--Sonja Ervin

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