How to Heal a Cracked Heel:Let's Google It

Faith is the seed that grows best when nurtured, trusted, matured, and believed. In this book, Kathy provides her readers with life circumstances that are easily relatable and followed through by a strong personal relationship with God and living by faith.

In all of our daily lives, struggles, disbeliefs, illnesses, relationships, work, and the daily grind tend to, at times, throw us all off track. In this read, Kathy provides us all with encouragement, drive, and desire to push through some difficult life happenings that hit us all at different times. It is her belief in prayer that one can get through these times. This is her hope for us all. It is in the quiet times that we can find the answers when we are open to hearing and listening to our higher source. To believe God is the designer and architect of our lives and to live fully by faith—that is the gift that she hopes to give to each and every reader that picks up this book. It is in these moments that God's revelation takes place, and we can all live in a worry-free, fearless, and trusting place.

Kathy believes when we truly surrender all to him, the healing takes place and provides more space to allow the blessings to flow freely. It is Kathy's hope for each one of us to live a more faith-filled, spirit-led life so that each of us can live healthier lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically. May your hearts be fueled and fed with faith and allow God to provide each one of you with a vibrant landscape for you to follow with joy and ease.

Kathy thanks you for picking up this book, and it is her intention and prayer that you too find the ease and comfort in knowing and believing that God's got this. Many blessings and much love to you all.

Xoxoxo Kathy

--Kathy Costa McKeown

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