How God can Help Make Your Dreams come True

The purpose of this book is to encourage readers to never give up. With God on your side, your dreams will come true.

The author is a United States veteran who fought during the Korean War, serving the country on a destroyer, USS Mansfield DD728 in the service.

He returned to America at the age of twenty-three and became a Christian. He received a call to serve others in the ministry. With his family, they pioneered a work beginning in his home in 1969 that led to establishing a church work among the Chinese and Vietnamese in San Jose, California.

God miraculously provided several properties worth over $1,500,000 and a local church now worth several million dollars in cash today. The church is debt free and completely paid in full.

This is all due to a God who led the journey of a poor boy who started with nothing and became a dreamer. With the help of God, he made it all come true. I hope you enjoy reading this book.

Thank you,

Richard Shinn

--Richard Shinn

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