Hostage for Lend-Lease

After serving in World War I he retained his commission in the Reserve Corps as a Major. Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered him to active duty March 31, 1941, to Fort Sam Houston, Texas, with the Second Medical Laboratory. After Pearl Harbor, the China Lend-Leases program ensued. Dr. Pyle was needed in the event that the Burma Road fell to the Japanese. The only alternative route over which supplies could be brought into China would be the Red Caravan Trail extending from the Russian Chinese Border across Northwest China to Lanchow into Kansu Province. Since transport animals were dying from diseases unknown, a well-qualified veterinary officer with assistants were needed immediately. But the real reason was something else. It was for the research and development of biological weapons to be tested and later used in warfare.

This journal is about Dr. Pyle's journey and crossing paths with the following persons:

Brig. Gen. John MacGruder, Head of American Military Mission to China

Mr. Frank Liu, Head of the Epizootic Prevention Bureau

Dr. T. V. Soong

General Ho, Minister of War

General Stillwell

General Hsu

--Dr. Norman J. Pyle

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