Hope That Helps: A Caregiver's Thrival Guide For Special Needs

Caregiving for a family member with special needs can carry a heavy burden for many who are not equipped or prepared to provide such care. Many families become overwhelmed and relationships suffer as a result of fatigue and hopelessness. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls from explorers who have already traveled this road ahead and can guide you to a place of Thrival instead of mere survival.

From our years of firsthand experience caring for our son with autism and also from our careers in the mental health and education field, we share our mistakes and triumphs. This helpful resource combines research-based methods gleaned from the service providers and experts with whom we have collaborated along our journey of twenty-three years. Each time we are asked for advice, we are happy to share and always end our conversation with the words “Hope that helps!”

--Lisa and Randy Weist

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