Hope In These Light Afflictions: A devotional for the spouse betrayed by an affair

We never really think it will happen to us, especially as Christians. But if you've been hurt and disillusioned by infidelity in your marriage, Satan wants to use it not only to destroy your marriage but to steal your peace and security as well. There are many thoughts and feelings you will experience as the betrayed spouse, but my prayer is that this devotional will help you through this difficult season, providing a source of hope and comfort found in our heavenly Father.

Our hope is not found in our spouse but in the only faithful Father—Jesus Christ. May you allow Him to guide you, help you, and heal you through this emotionally traumatic journey. Join me on a six-week journey through my own experience with infidelity after twenty-five years of a faithful Christian marriage. I can tell you from experience, God is faithful and proves it to me every single day!

--Ruth P. McDonald

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