Hometown Roots

Life is going really well for Kit Van Kemp—in fact, better than she had ever imagined. She has a job she loves, a precocious daughter who brings her great joy, and a supportive best friend. For the first time in years, she believes she is in a place where she can flourish. When her boss offers her the promotion of a lifetime, she has to decide if the sacrifices it requires will be worth it. Feeling forced to make a decision she never thought she would face, she must return to a place associated with great pain in her life or risk losing her job. Kit has all but ignored her past as she carved out a brand-new life for herself, but if she accepts the promotion, she will no longer be able to ignore it. As Kit faces her past and the bitter sting of betrayal and rejection, will she finally find true healing and forgiveness? How will she guide her young daughter into a place of acceptance and open her heart to love again?

Following the rejection of his high school sweetheart, Michele, Jordan has spent the past six years enmeshed in his busy work schedule, buying up businesses and expanding his construction empire. He has chosen to work at the expense of most relationships in his life, leaving almost no time for family or friends. Over the past two years, he has finally forgiven Michele for all the pain she caused, knowing that God used that pain to help him become the man he is today. His family has finally convinced him that it is time to focus on his life once again, but will he really be able to forget the past and move forward and love again?

--Corie Manglos

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