Holy Spirit-Help!

“Holy Spirit-Help!” Is a compassionate compilation saluting life's experiences from youth to maturity. The stories and poetry written on the pages of this book, memorialize milestones of family matters, social landmarks, personal failures and ultimate triumphs, and priceless lessons learned therefrom.

“Holy Spirit-Help!” leads the reader to realize those encounters in our lives that introduce us to joy, pain, and sorrow, are all designed by the Almighty Creator to first, draw us closer to Him and second, help us realize the fragility and vulnerability of the human nature.

“Holy Spirit-Help!” reveals to us all that we are none perfect, and that the only truly perfect One is God. We discover through the hearts and souls of others, that God is the only One who can restore the broken but not shattered pieces of our lives, when the road may have become too jagged for us to bare. Then He also teaches us to look back on it all and smile- counting it all joy for His glory!

In essence, “Holy Spirit-Help!” simply shares the thoughts, the trials, the laughter and the tears, the seasoning of life, with the heart that longs to embrace the love that God has for His creation. It is the desire of the writer of this book to be a vessel that the Father will use , to touch the heart and soul of every reader and leave them with a sense of having tasted just a slice of sanctified excitement, available only to those who call upon His name and say, “Holy Spirit-Help!”

--Evangelist Barbara A. Colbert

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