Thomas J. Joyce is a journalist, a reporter, and columnist for the Long Island Sentinel. In November 2011, at his home, he is visited by the Blessed Mother who asks for his help in convincing the world to stop taking in vain the name of her divine son.

For a while, Thomas doesn't know what to do. Finally, convinced that he was selected for this mission due to his writing abilities, he begins to address the issue in his columns. Realizing that this will only reach people in Eastern Long Island, he teams with an array of collaborators to establish Holy Name, an organization dedicated to telling the entire world that misuse of the holy name is wrong and that it must be stopped. The Holy Name organization implements a series of retributions against authors, TV shows, Broadway plays, and social media sites that routinely disparage the name of God. Several of these lead to lawsuits against the enterprise for restraint of trade and censorship. The enterprise contends with these difficulties and tragedy as it moves to achieve its goal, eradicating the abuse of the holy name.

--Thomas B. Malone

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