HELP! Someone I Love is on DRUGS! : A Step-By-Step Guide for Family Members


Family members silently experience their own personal hell when they have a loved one on drugs. It is a frustrating and confusing time with no straight answers, leaving family members feeling lonely, angry, and helpless.

This book was written with the help of family members who share their own stories of what specifically helped them figure out how to handle an out-of-control loved one in a healthy way. As an additional bonus, inside are personal accounts from a few of their addicted loved ones who share what helped them and did not help them in their own path to recovery.

The way family members behave toward their addicted family member will greatly influence their chances for recovery! In this book there is literally a basic do–and–do not list of things to be aware of in dealing with someone on drugs. You will learn how to set doable boundaries that protect your family, and suggestions for various possible consequences you can use with your addicted loved one. This book offers responses you can give for different problems when you feel trapped or lost about what actions to take. This book covers ways to handle relapse, jail, and homelessness without letting these situations take over your life and ruin your family. You will learn clues for when you should step in and help, and when backing off is the best way to help.

As you gain tools, education, and a good support system, you will be able to look back on this experience and know in your heart that you did everything you could to help your addicted loved one and your entire family in the best possible ways.

--Jennifer Moss, CSW

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