Hello, God, Where Are You?

When I was just a baby I was told I had a brush with death that required a priest to read my last rites. At twelve years old, I told my grandmother that I wanted to participate in the first communion ritual. It was at the preparation of the ritual I started questioning religious practices and embarked on a journey to find God. Hello, God, Where Are You? is about what I learned on my journey and also what I've learned from others. In all our searching for God we find out that he/she is within and not without. As human beings, we falter every day.

Our mishaps do not turn God away from us. We have to learn to forgive ourselves and others. We can feel the presence of God in a place of worship while we commune however; he is with us at all times. We do not need a representative to speak with God on our behalf. We ourselves are responsible for what happens to us by how we choose to respond to life. We cannot be closed minded about other practices and ways to commune with God. Be open to learning because God is not found in one religion or belief.

--Sherryann Philogene

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