Hello, God It's me: A Journey into PRAYER

In a time of much uncertainty in today's world, getting to know God is something a person will never regret. God is not only all powerful, but he is eternally good; he is not just strong and mighty but is tender as a mother with a babe at her breast. God is not just majestic, but delightful.

Prayer enables every individual to experience God personally. Hello, God. It's Me. is a gentle journey into prayer. Since prayer is the mechanism whereby we can maintain a constant, open connection to God, it is vital to develop a daily habit of both talking to God and listening for his voice. The voice of God leads, guides, comforts, instructs, and tenderly convicts his children. There is nothing quite like it in all the world.

Much about prayer can be learned from the pages of Scripture as Christine invites the inquirer to investigate and apply. Learning to spend a little set-apart time each day in prayer is both life-giving and life changing and sets the stage for an ongoing dialogue for all one's waking hours.

Want to learn to pray? This is your little book. Want to develop a discipline for prayer? This is your little guide. Want to get to know God more? Read, think, write, pray, and grow. Want to give the gift of prayer? Gift this little jewel.

Hello, God. It's Me. is simple, but deep; sweet, but profound; down-to-earth, but will connect the reader to the divine.

--Christine DiGiacomo

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