Heirloom Series No. 1 of Caira's Bakers Dozen Book Series Caira_s Comic Crafters, The Bottlebottoms: Let's Make a Craft Caira’s Bakers Dozen Book Series

The book Caira's Comic Crafters begins as a how-to heirloom series of thirteen books, the Baker's Dozen. This series was created with the high hopes of uniting families. A special family was created for the basis of this heirloom book. They show you how to assemble your craft project or to make a few changes to make it all yours. The most important lesson for this craft project is having good family time. This heirloom series has patterns that are all fun and useful to do. The Bottlebottom family enjoys their craft time because they know they will be creating many opportunities for personal satisfaction and entrepreneurial growth. Join the Bottlebottom family on their craft adventures!


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