Heartwords: Exhorting Everyone from Prisoners to Pastors Toward Deeper Truth

This collection of rhyming word pictures was not compiled for the sole purpose of writing a book, but as the individual verses accumulated it became evident that the best public platform to share these ideas and encourage others would be in book form, whether in hand or digital.

Many of the titles within the book itself were initially given out to individuals during their trials and transitions of life, some were composed as Christmas cards or retirement celebrations or for funeral programs, while others were written as self-encouragement.

The title, Heartwords, is a play on words which suggest the writings are both coming from the heart and yet, pointing toward the heart. In other words, it acknowledges the author's vulnerable offerings and the desire to stir emotional reflections within the reader as to embolden toward the light and that which is good in this anything-goes culture.

--Wes D. Carnahan

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